4UP House Rules

Welcome to the great online group that is 4UP. Our focus is to provide encouragement, help and support to those people that are interacting with the benefits system, either for themselves, a family member or a friend, or they simply support what we are trying to do. We are like a huge family and as such we need to make sure that all members of the family feel safe, secure and respected. As we are a large group now we need rules to make life a little easier for the amazing Admin team but also to make things clearer for the members of 4UP.

 Please do not use the Admin Team as a substitute for Google.

 If a post gets very argumentative or the comments are attacking another member or are racist, it will be removed.  We keep copies of deleted posts for future reference.  In extreme circumstances members will be removed.

 If your post doesn’t get approved, we either already have it or it is not relevant to the group, which is for helping with advice regarding benefits, housing, and employment issues.

 If there is a thread you find personally offensive, please move to another thread and ignore that one.

 Any posts we believe might be soliciting for money will be removed without question and could result in the person posting being removed.  Harsh, but it is for your protection.

Medication is a definite NO on threads.  You must always take the advice of the healthcare professional that is dealing with you, rather than someone in the group.

 Have a complaint?  Please contact a member of the Admin team by PM (private message)

Please remember that every single member of the Admin Team is a volunteer. We have families, and most of us deal with our own personal illnesses or issues.  We do though try to deal with posts as quickly as we can. 

Please be patient and someone will get to you.