About 4UP

4UP is rapidly becoming one of the UK's most loved and active online communities. We are made up of a team of volunteers with experience of all aspects of benefit issues and there is always someone available to help.  We also have a huge file repository with guides, documentation and example forms to aid in your benefit woes.
Here are a few things at 4UP we think work really well.


4UP is, and will remain independent of any political party or corporate owner.

Unemployment news

4UP is always going to cover what’s going on here from raw data to objective analysis, and what you can do about it, where appropriate. Whether it’s a campaign, a protest against the latest edicts of wisdom from the DWP, or just which biscuits are most popular in Westminster, we’ll try to cover it. And of course, we have a growing number of fantastic bloggers with us too, so content will always be lively, vigorous, and informed. We also cover the most topical issues to be debated in the forums.

4UP Appeals and Campaigns

4UP has a great track record when it comes to Appeals. All we do is apply the law, nothing more, with predictable results. As for campaigns? We work with many organisations in support of theirs, as well as our own common objectives. Members of 4UP have attended many protests, ‘events’ and gatherings across the country, in their own right, and on behalf of causes jointly supported.  We identify issues our members care about and campaign on their behalf.

Great Database of Files

Good content, well written and allowing for feedback from others, means we can always be one step ahead  in  making sure we always have the latest updates (often in real time) to hand. We do have a lot of material worth researching, and remember, there’s always someone at hand (well, nearly always) to answer any questions.

In the news

A great way to show where else the community has been mentioned, as well as what members having been getting up to themselves! This helps to develop the bonds between members, and create new allegiances and friendships too, so you too can be proud of your activity within the various groups and forums we host for you.

Regular live events        

Our community will soon be hosting regular live events and guest chats and we are always open to ideas and suggestions, so do feel free to get involved. This group is YOUR group, so join in the conversation!

Useful links elsewhere

This community isn’t shy about developing or providing very useful links elsewhere. It’s a highly active community, with some terrific posts, ‘finds’ and insights. So of course, if any of us come across a useful resource we are going to make sure you get to have access to it too!